Letters, 04/13/14

In reply to “Who Was Behind the Syrian Sarin ‘False Flag’ Attack?” by Justin Raimondo, 04/07/14:

Justin Raimondo raises what is certainly the key question in his examination of Seymour Hersh’s article on the Turkish false-flag gas attack in Syria. Curiously, Hersh in his article is completely silent on the curious role played by the reclusive preacher Fetullah Gulen and his movement, widely believed in Turkey to have been behind a series of events apparently desgined to topple PM Tayyip Erdogan.

Did Gulen’s supporters release on YouTube the transcript of a secret meeting at the Turkish foreign ministry discussing another false flag operation? If not, who did?

Does Turkish intelligence (MIT) have the capacity to monitor its own chief (Hkan Fidan) and surreptitiously release the result on the eve of national municipal elections?

Observers in Turkey (from which I’ve just returned) now assert that Gulen and his followers have been pushed aside and that the attack on Mr. Erdogan — so far only political — is being directed by someone else. Who?

Fred A. Reed


It wasn’t just Turkey, Qatar, and the Saudi king. They had to have American accomplices. Who were they?

That’s what I want to know.

Probably individuals who shared office space at foundations with the perps of the “mushroom cloud” scenario.

John Pickett