Letters, 06/22/14

In reply to “We’re Going Back to Iraq,” by Justin Raimondo, 06/20/14:

“Advisers?” Really?

It’s enough to make one miss Nixon … almost. He took his time getting us out of Vietnam, but at least he didn’t try to run the clock backward. Then again, maybe if not for Watergate …

Hooray for the heroes (in error)!

Thanks for keeping us informed.

Fawcett Middleton

In reply to “Your Local Police May Be Collecting Metadata,” by Lucy Steigerwald, 06/19/14:

The flip side of the coin: Even as the cops collect more and more information about us, they go out of their way to make themselves LESS transparent.

Folks are harassed, arrested or just beat up for taking video of police actions.

When a civilian is arrested for murder, the newspapers have his name almost instantly. When a cop shoots an innocent civilian his name is withheld while the shooting is “internally investigated” and inevitably found to be “justified.”

When I was younger, I believed that cops were mostly there to protect and serve the public. Did things change, or was that belief always garbage?

Henry Rounder